Everyone will use AI agents

We are a non-profit open source research lab making that happen

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as a Service
Navigate the complex landscape of business automation with our dedicated consulting studio. From understanding your unique needs to connecting with the right solution providers, we're here to guide every step.
Community of Innovators
Become part of an exclusive community of founders and experts focused on AI-driven solutions. Benefit from regular meetings, industry insights, and collaborative discussions.
Stay on top of cutting-edge research
Our Research Sessions
Agent Arena
Evaluate autonomous agents, collaborate on real-world business process challenges, and drive the industry forward with benchmarks
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Evaluate your agent solutions against real world problems, instead of research datasets and fancy demos
We are non-profit but your agents will be most likely sponsored by real world companies that end up utilizing them in their operations
Win prizes for solving and automating challenging business processes funded by sponsors
Contribute to non-profit 501(c)(3), open-source solution for testing agent applications and support independent ecosystem of tools
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